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Bell Urine Away Remove Odours
Bell Brush Part No: CHE080
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Manufacturer's Part No : CHE080

Bell Urine Away is a natural biological odour digester based on a unique blend of natural enzymes, plant extracts and surfactants which attack and digest a wide range of odiferous compounds.

The Problem

Naturally occurring biological compounds are subject to “decay” and this process often emits pungent malodours which create unpleasant working and living environments.  Conventional treatments usually involve masking compounds, which, while providing temporary relief, attack the symptoms not the cause, and the malodours soon return.

The product

URINE NEUTRALISER prevents odours by rapidly degrading the materials which cause the odours, thereby eliminating the source of the problem.  The natural enzymes used do not stain or harm fabrics or materials that are unaffected by water.


The elimination of malodours from compounds such as milk, vomit, urine, alcohol, faeces etc.  Effective on all surfaces including soft furnishings, carpets, curtains, footwear, clothing, vinyl tiles, concrete and wood.

URINE NEUTRALISER is used in hospitals, nursing homes, pubs, hotels, coaches, trains, aeroplane, cars, telephone kiosks, lifts, police cells etc.


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